Our School

Wominjeka (Welcome) from Wollert

Wollert Primary is a new school, opened in 2022, that takes great pride in its children, families and community. In developing The Wollert Way, a term coined with great affection and pride, we have established a clear focus on what is important to us and work hard to unite our minds and hearts in vision and practice.

Why choose Wollert Primary School? Because we have the most dedicated, caring, fun and open-to-learning staff who believe all children have the ability and right to flourish and soar. We take great pride in our team, who bring their best each and every day to make sure our children feel happy, safe, connected and proud of their growth.

As the founding Principal of Wollert Primary School, I am in the privileged position of melding many years of learning and experience into developing a culture that embraces what works best for children. Within this is the opportunity to create one of twelve Supported Inclusion Schools (SIS) in Victoria by the end of 2024. Our school is purpose built in architecture and philosophy to ensure every child can access and participate in quality learning with committed inclusive practice educators leading the way.  At Wollert, we endeavour to work with all our families in developing an understanding of inclusion for all, but more importantly, develop a way of being with our students that will influence their impact as young citizens.

I feel grateful to be leading and growing with a team that is committed to being better for every child, every day. I invite you to feel and understand The Wollert Way first hand by joining us at one of our many Open Days in the year ahead. I also thank you for your curiosity and interest in our school.

Leanne Tingwell


If you’re ready for more info, we’d love for you to come visit us

The Wollert Way - our way of being

Our philosophy is grounded in the intent to support and nurture all children to be the best they can be, by each child recognising and and acknowledging that they are unique, able and belong.  We believe that all children have a place and space in our school. We are committed to working together to ensure that every child’s character, personality and spark is not only valued but used to ignite the potential in them as learners.


Aspirations Without Limitations

If our school isn’t somewhere that every child can dream and hope, then we are doing something wrong. We don’t ever want to box any of our students or put a lid on their spark. Instead we want our students to leave us knowing they are understood, valued and have the ability to do anything with the right tools, support and a passionate heart

What makes us different

Inclusion is our norm

We have the privilege of influencing children to develop a society that is genuinely accepting and welcoming of all. Our children have the opportunity to shape this through progressive thinking, knowledge and behaviours they will impart beyond their time with us at Wollert. Our greatest hope is that our school builds strong communal and individual advocacy for inclusion and that our children and families become champions of inclusion through their actions and thinking.

Brain function fuels our intent

We are curious about our brain and the infinite potential this has in learning. All brains are different and spark differently depending on the environment around them. We use evidence-based practice and inquiring minds to stay in tune with how we learn best and how thinking routines and learning production behaviours strengthen learning. Being ‘Brain Fit’ at Wollert is at the core of all we do.

Progress is our purpose

We invest time in supporting our children to understand and value themselves as learners and people. Success is not measured by a test score or standard measure but by every child recognising they have their own learning story to build and take pride in. We allow space to progress in a safe, nurturing and strength-based environment.

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We are a proud Supported Inclusion School (SIS)

Wollert Primary School is one of twelve SIS that will be built in Victoria by the end of 2024.

Our school design is purpose built with learning environments, play areas and amenities that provide optimum learning for all.

Wollert is not a Special Education School or a Specialist Setting. With our purpose built environment and our commitment to meeting all children at their point of need, we are able to provide opportunities for all children to access and fully participate in quality, strength-based teaching and learning.

Our staff are exceptional educators who are committed to growing their knowledge and expertise in inclusive practice over the coming years. We endeavour to work with all our families in developing an understanding of inclusion, but more importantly, develop a way of being with our students that grows with them and strengthens their core responsibility as accepting and generous citizens.