Spaces that foster learning and promote school pride

Our future focused school design delivers a learning environment to cater for all learning needs. Deliberate choices have been made to ensure the buildings and surrounds evoke a sense of calm and balance. Natural timbers, colours and finishes compliment the carefully designed surrounding landscape, including our big red river gum tree that forms the heart of our school.

Our environment supports inclusion

As a Supported Inclusion School, our environment is designed to support all students, including students with disabilities. Architecturally, our surroundings have been purpose built to increase access and participation for all in our learning environments. Wide, open paths and hallways, wheelchair accessible play areas and amenities, use of deliberate acoustic reducing materials and hearing impairment support have been purposely considered throughout.

We are built for flexible approaches to learning

Our learning spaces support our desire to meet every child where their learning needs are. Open, light and spacious learning environments welcome communal connections and relationships across the school, fostering shared learning and sparking. These spaces are easily transformed into smaller, closed classrooms to support individual and targeted class instruction. We also have the ability to work with children in break out rooms and spaces for more intimate and small group needs.

Passion is fuelled in passion evoking spaces

Opportunities to explore learning preferences and passions are supported by custom built specialist spaces. A Visual Art Room, STEM Room, Food Technology Room and Performing Arts Studio provide the ideal platforms for collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and curiosity to come alive. A full sized gymnasium, hardcourts and sports field support our students to focus on their physical health, play and wellbeing.

We acknowledge and respect the land on which we learn, play and gather together

Our rich indigenous cultural heritage is honoured and cared for every day with three significant areas on our site. Our big red river gum is the heart of our school and is fenced to symbolise our commitment of care for the land and the history that surrounds it. The front of our school and another rocky crop of land are also fenced, with the knowledge that indigenous artefacts have been retrieved and remain buried in this land, a reminder of the beauty and stories of time ago.

Virtual tour

Curious to see what our school looks like but can’t join an Open Day?

Our Virtual Tour offers the next best thing – take a look inside.

Our Open Days take place twice a term and replace typical scheduled tours. These Open Days provide our community with the opportunity to experience what it feels like every day at WPS, in an authentic, non-staged way. We’d love to have you join us.